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Find Hope

On our journey during this Easter season of finding hope, we may see ourselves identifying with Peter who probably experienced the greatest failure of his life when he denied Jesus three times. 

But the story does not end there. Jesus seeks him out on the shores where Peter was fishing. After pulling the fishing boat ashore with their catch of fish, Jesus singles out Peter. He asks him three times if he loves Him, and with each response, assigns him to the task of caring for his sheep. 
Peter’s need was great, but Jesus met him just where he was. 
Jesus is still the same. We FIND HOPE in Him!  When we see ourselves facing the pain of failure, of having disappointed others - especially Jesus, then He reaches out to us with forgiveness and offers us another chance.  As with Peter, there is a new hope to begin again with the assurance of God’s love and forgiveness.
As Christ the risen Lord looked for Peter to touch him at his point of need, so we FIND HOPE during this Easter season as Jesus meets us at our point of need.
Find hope in Jesus!

Pastor Keith