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As Nehemiah ventured to rebuild Jerusalem, he and those dedicated to God, sacrificed considerably in the face of opposition.   Listen to his conclusion. “I am doing a great work.” Nehemiah 6:3

Any work that is ordained of God is a “great work”! I believe that Lighthouse is a great work of God. Fifteen years ago we made a long-term plan in two phases, and now we are finally realizing that second phase. From those very first strategy meetings, we believed that every effort should be rooted in the FAITH that God could provide. That’s why we called it, “Faith takes Flight”!

Like Nehemiah, we agonized in prayer as we rallied the people to look beyond our own self-centered needs to provide a place for God’s people to meet. In the first phase, we sacrificed and paid off over a million dollars in some of the worse economic years in American history.

I’ve always believed that when God gives His people a great work, He supplies every need to complete that work! As I met with the leaders and staff, we became dedicated to a strategy to live below our means and then ask God’s people to give to a worthy cause. The result is a “Future Expansion Fund” that is over $800,000. That is a miracle of God…Praise His Name!

Now that we have the church’s approval, we are ready to build. The bids have come in at $1,678,049, which is within the budget that we all set. By the time you read this, the plans will have been hand delivered to our city and the final reviews with be in progress. Then all the plans will be rebid and, prayerfully, they will come even more under budget…they will NOT be more than the $1,678,049. My prayer is that we will begin building before the end of the year.

I want to personally thank you for sacrificially giving to ”Faith takes Flight”. If you have not been able to give but would like to, it would be an awesome blessing if you would join the rest of us and help us make a difference in this great work for our Lord. You can start giving at any time—just mark Future Expansion Fund on either your offering envelope or through online giving.



Dr. Keith Gillming, Sr. Pastor