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If all goes well, I hope to be sitting in the sun somewhere on a beach near Destin, Florida when you are reading this. Every year when we go on vacation, Becky immediately unpacks everything and puts it in its place in one of those bureaus…nice and tidy! It really doesn’t matter if we’re staying three days or three weeks, everything has to be put in its place.

That’s not the way I do things. If I go to a preachers’ meeting without her, I just throw the suitcase on the top of the table and I’m done…who really cares!

I don’t mind that Becky puts it all away; as a matter of fact, I like being able to find what I’m looking for easily along the way. But I’m not going to do it when I’m alone because I’m too interested in “why” I’m at my certain destination. Besides, I’ll be going home in a few days anyway.

Well, you may agree or disagree with my vacationing habits—that’s up to you. However, I was thinking about life that way. Maybe I ought to be more like her (don’t tell her I said this). What if I spent a little more time and effort preparing for the “why” that I am there for? I would probably have more fun and enjoy my vacation more.

In the same way, when we don’t take a little time and prepare for our short “vacation” on earth, we don’t make a difference in the world that we could. Instead, we just wander from place to place!

Honestly, it was just minutes ago that a man sat in my office and told me that he had wasted his life. He had not stopped and prepared for the “why” of life. Why not get ready to enjoy your short time on this earth by being regular in church, by getting involved in a Growth Group or serving God in a ministry? Who knows if you might not make the journey a little more pleasurable too?

Pastor Keith