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When you invest your time and talents in God’s kingdom, you will receive an eternal crown! There are five future crowns that God gives us for our faithfulness in this life.

There is a desire in the heart of every man and woman to know whether or not his life meant something, whether it has accomplished any worthwhile purpose. I believe that is a God-given desire to reflect on our lives because there is a day coming when we will go through the process for real and under the most serious circumstances – namely the Day of Judgement. On that Day we will have our lives come under His scrutiny, and we will receive from Him crowns for what has been accomplished in our lives through His Spirit.

Over the next five weeks, we will examine the crowns that are available for all believers:

 The Crown of Exultation

 The Crown of Righteousness

 The Crown of Life

 The Crown of Imperishability

 The Crown of Glory

I believe that you will be challenged to focus on the seriousness of a life well spent for God.



Pastor Keith