Rooted Youth Ministry

Rooted Youth is a great place to connect with one another and with God. Students learn to grow in Christ as they worship, pray, and serve.

Sunday Youth Worship Service 6:30 pm

Our youth services are full of life, energy, and revival! On Sunday evenings all of the students come together as one united youth family for our own youth service. Our desire is that that students will have the freedom to worship and fellowship with a group of like minded friends.

Wednesday Rooted Growth Group 7:00 pm

Rooted Growth Group is a thriving group of young people connecting and growing in Christ. Our desire is that through Wednesday night groups we would address real world problems with Biblical teachings, discussing with the students topics such as: Biblical worldview, current events, and how to live revival in their everyday world.

Additional Resources

Lighthouse has access to resources to help individuals learn more about God and the Bible.

  • Rightnow Media

    Rightnow Media is a great resource for videos and Bible studies to help you and your family grow spiritually. Just click the link and register today! Click Here to register.